Q&A with Ruth Mwanzia, founder of Koola Waters


The challenge of water scarcity and improving access to clean, safe drinking water in Kitui County is one that Ms. Ruth Mwanzia, an alumni of Africa Nazarene University understood only too well growing up. That experience was the inspiration behind her company, Koola Waters, a business venture which manufactures and distributes pure drinking water. We had an opportunity to listen to her story.

Introduce Koola Waters.

Koola Waters is a venture in the foods and beverages industry that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of pure water. We manufacture, distribute, treat and package pure drinking water for wholesome use.

What inspired you to start Koola Waters?

What inspired me was my background and upbringing. I grew up in Kitui County, a region in the larger former Eastern Province that experiences a semi-arid climate. The general weather condition there is dry and most people lack adequate water for use. Due to the nature of the climate, we had challenges related to water scarcity and shortages. We would go long distances in search of water for domestic use. So, my company was born out of the challenges I experienced as I grew up and I wanted to address those challenges that my community was facing. Offer a solution to the problem of water scarcity.

Why would you recommend Koola Waters to anyone seeking to quench their thirst?

I would recommend our products to any person out there. We have made investment in our processes to ensure our products meet quality standards. Koola Waters goes through seven stages of filtration, meaning it’s very pure and safe. Our unique packaging and efficient delivery makes us stand out in the marketplace. From a corporate social responsibility perspective, we give back to the community, and we do lots of tree planting activities in Kitui County and youth empowerment programmes in Nairobi County. I want Koola Waters to become a household name in Kenya and to scale globally as well.

Did you always want to become an entrepreneur?

Just like any girl with a dream, as I grew up, I always wanted to do medicine and become a doctor. I also wanted to get into the media industry and become a television host. But as circumstances would have it, I turned out to be an entrepreneur. My parents are also entrepreneurs, so they have always mentored me to become an entrepreneur.

What are your future plans and aspirations for Koola Waters?

I want Koola Waters to become a household name in Kenya and to scale globally. Other than that, we hope to quench the thirst of more people and help offer a solution to the problem of water scarcity.

What gives you the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur?

The ability to make a difference and to create a solution that gives me the highest satisfaction.

What advice would you give to the youth who look up to you for inspiration?

The youth should start their entrepreneurial journeys by just starting, and they should trust God and find ways of implementing their ideas. Importantly, they should also keep on networking.


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