In the world today, we relay so much on digital photography to capture memorable moments. But there are certain digital photographs that we endeavor to make hard copies of just to have for keeps sake. These may get damaged over time by natural elements like rain, sunlight or mildew. If this happens, your services would be needed to help restore such memorable photographs from destruction. You can also diversify into electronic photo restoration to meet the market demand for digital photography restoration.

Purchasing a good quality scanner, computer and photo restoration software will enable you to start a business providing photo restoration services for clients right from a home based location. Regardless of whether the photos are black and white or color, you’ll be able to restore old and damaged photos and produce new copies in print format or on a CD. It should be noted that you’ll need to spend time practicing the art of electronic photo restoration, as the software isn’t designed for beginners.

The advantage to this business is that you get to offer a unique service to an increased number of clients. This is also a business that you can do from a home studio. The disadvantage is that it requires specialized skills and equipment to start. Promote your work through word-of-mouth, and by networking at social events. Use the power of social media to market yourself and build your clientele base.