Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

I started this platform for the ordinary youth, for the strong willed, for the dreamers, for the go-getter, for the unconventional, for the creative, for the hustlers and for those thirsty for knowledge about entrepreneurship.  It is a platform for young people who desire independence, freedom and success that comes with being an entrepreneur. For that person who has always had an eager aspiration for starting a business or wanted to level up and really learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The kind of person that will not rest until they have reached their goals and are living a life designed on purpose. For the real entrepreneur at heart, the one that will do whatever it takes. For the person who believe that they too can be entrepreneurs!

I am working every day to showcase the stories of young entrepreneurs. Honest and frank stories that tell the journeys of the good times and the bad times. I delve into the tales of amazing young ladies and gentlemen to show what young people can learn from them. I also post relevant and actionable information on entrepreneurship gleaned from various entrepreneurship resources that can help young people on their journey. I feel that young people lack relevant young people especially successful young entrepreneurs to provide inspiration and advice that they need. Learning points that other young entrepreneurs can relate.

For the short period since I created this platform, I Am An Entrepreneur Kenya has not only been an inspiration to me, but it’s inspired many other young people too and that makes me smile. The stories of successful young entrepreneurs I share and the actionable information I post has empowered other young entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey. I hope this platform can help empower young entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and inspire young people to embrace entrepreneurship. My goal through this platform is to dig deep and bring to the surface the concealed yearning among young people to be entrepreneurs.

To young entrepreneurs out there, know that the entrepreneurial journey may be difficult, some people may discourage you and at times you might find yourself walking alone…but always remember to remain focused on your vision. At the end of the journey, you will realize you have a few ‘dents’ here and there, and at that time you will reflect and appreciate how far you have come. It is then that you will realize that you made it because you believed in the one person who could never give up on you…yourself!

I hope you find this platform informative and helpful in your entrepreneurship journey!

Victor Amos Ochieng’

Founder -I Am An Entrepreneur Kenya