Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Social Change for Sustainable Communities

Our purpose is to create a desire among young people in Kenya to start, run and grow successful businesses. We do this by sharing entrepreneurial stories, inspirational quotes, entrepreneurship tips and actionable advice for young entrepreneurs to succeed. Information gleaned from entrepreneurship resources that offer guidance to young entrepreneurs. Our goal is to have more young entrepreneurs in Kenya whose enterprises offer solution to the problem of youth unemployment through job creation.

But we know that we cannot do this on our own. To succeed we need to put our heads together and work hand-in-hand to support young entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journey. You can get involved and join us in this endeavor by:

Sharing your Story

We love publishing inspiring stories about the journeys of young entrepreneurs and would love to hear about your entrepreneurial journey because such stories offer inspiration and motivation to other young entrepreneurs.

Contributing to My Goal

If you’d like to write an article for our website that you think both upcoming and established young entrepreneurs would love to read then let us know and join our growing number of contributors.

Becoming a Mentor

Join our Mentorship Programme as a mentor to mold other young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and offer positive criticism for development. We believe that we grow as community by supporting others within the community.

Becoming a Mentee

Join our Mentorship Programme as a mentee to gain from the wisdom and counsel of other young entrepreneurs and learn strategies to help your business grow and develop. We are ready to see young entrepreneurs ideas being realized through sustainable start-ups.

Become a Partner

Partners work with us to further encourage the culture of entrepreneurship among young people. We look to partner with individuals and organizations that have, within their strategic direction, the drive to support young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and job creation.

Kindly contact us via [email protected] or call Amos on 0720111211.