Once considered a sport for the brutes, boxing and kickboxing is quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness activities in the World enjoyed by millions of participants regardless of age or gender. There are great untapped talented young people in Kenya who could consider getting into boxing if given an opportunity to sharpen their skills. This required adequate and well equipped boxing facilities to offer the much needed training for upcoming talent. You can start a boxing centre to offer training services.

An interest in the sport of boxing and kickboxing is definitely a prerequisite for starting a boxing center. However, a great deal of boxing experience or training is not needed, simply due to the fact that you can hire certified boxing and kickboxing instructors to conduct classes and oversee the general operation of the business. You can also add fun and fitness classes to the roster, such as aerobic boxing and kickboxing, self-defense boxing training, and monthly amateur boxing and kickboxing tournaments.

In total, approximately 4,000 to 6,000 square feet of space will be required to operate the business, and equipment purchases will be expensive, making this a business venture that’ll require careful planning and research. Your customers will range from the fitness buff looking for a fun aerobic activity to more serious boxers looking to improve their skills. Build a membership base quickly by distributing two-for-one coupons that entitle the bearer the opportunity to join the boxing center for one month and receive the second month of membership free of charge.